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Concrete Casting: Hardscape

Liquid Mold Rubbers for Concrete Hardscape ProductsPolytek® mold rubbers are used to produce various precast concrete hardscape products, including pavers, stepping stones, patio stones, rock face liners, fire pits, retaining wall block, pier and wall caps and more. These two-part, room temperature curing systems provide a flexible mold solution that can be used to cast hundreds of parts in the mold’s lifetime. 

Popular product options are listed below:

All of the polyurethane mold rubbers listed below are pourable, but can be thickened with PolyFiber II or Fumed Silica to make brush-on molds. 

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Product Description

Poly 74-20 Liquid Rubber

A soft polyurethane rubber popular for making molds of models with deep, irregular undercuts (e.g., wall stones, steps). 

Poly 74-45 Liquid Rubber

A mid-range hardness polyurethane rubber for making molds of models with moderate undercuts. This product is a popular option for multi-cavity molds. 

Poly 75-70 Liquid Rubber

A firm polyurethane rubber popular for pavers and stepping stones with minimal undercuts.

Video Tutorials

How to Make a Rubber Mold to Cast Concrete Pavers/Stepping Stones

This video tutorial details the process of making a Poly 75-70 polyurethane rubber mold of a concrete stepping stone.

How-To Articles & Customer Projects

Concrete Casting: Hardscape Rubber Mold Design
Mold design has a great impact on production efficiency and product quality.
Customer Project: Cast Stone Magnolia Buds for Tattnall Square Park
West Side Stone Works of Macon, Georgia took on a mold making and casting project to create cast stone magnolia buds that would serve as finials on the columns situated at the entrance of Tattnall Square Park in historic Macon.