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Concrete: HardCoats

HardCoat Plastics PolytekPolytek® polyurethane plastics can be used to hardcoat rigid surfaces such as hot-wire cut EPS foam, MDF or wood. These two-component, room temperature curing systems are available in both brushable and sprayable options. Coatings can be applied in one or more layers to create a finished model or fabricated form for concrete casting. The cured plastic is easy to sand or machine. 

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Product Description

EasyFlo Spray FR Liquid Plastic

A fast-setting sprayable polyurethane system to hardcoat rigid surfaces such as hotwire-cut EPS foam, MDF or wood. This thin, tough and easy-to-sand coating can be applied in one or more layers. This is a flame-retardant product: UL-94 (V-0).

This plastic can be sprayed with a PlakPak Spray Gun.

EasyFlo Series Liquid Plastics & PolyFiber II

For a fast-setting, brush-on hardcoat, add PolyFiber II thickener to EasyFlo-Series Liquid Plastics to bring these low-viscosity resins to a brushable consistency. Use EasyFlo 60 or EasyFlo 95 (a slower-setting version) plastics.