Prop Making

Rubber Hammer in a Silicone MoldA wide variety of effects and objects can be created using Polytek® materials, including faux glass objects, breakaway glass (PlatSil® SiliGlass), faux bronze objects, lightweight foam props, life-like silicone props, safe weapon props, historical object reproduction, scenery and much more.

Once an original design is created by an artist, a flexible polyurethane or silicone mold or rigid plastic mold can be made of the original. A variety of materials can then be cast in the finished mold, including plastics, foams, polyurethane and silicone casting rubbers, plaster, concrete and more.

In some cases, foam carvings are hard-coated with a fire-rated plastic shell to provide a durable outer coating which can be easily painted.

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Video Tutorials

Embedded thumbnail for Lifecasting: PlatSil<sup>®</sup> Gel-25 Face Cast
Lifecasting: PlatSil® Gel-25 Face Cast

PlatSil® Gel-25 is a contact-safe, platinum-cured silicone that is most often used for making prosthetic appliances, lifecasting and mold making. 


How-To Articles & Customer Projects

Painting with PlatSil Gel-10
Tek-Tip: Painting with PlatSil® Gel-10 & Silicone Pigments
Painting directly onto silicone can be challenging as there are not many paint materials that adhere well to silicone or stay in place when it stretches.
Making Hershey's Kisses Replicas with EasyFlo 60 Plastic
These Hershey’s Kisses® replicas are made of polyurethane plastic and coated in a metallic silver spray paint.