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Exterior Crayon DisplayPolytek®’s mold making and casting materials are widely used in zoo and museum exhibits, haunted attractions, theme parks, restaurants, retail outlets, hotels, casinos, and other venues to create themed environments, displays and unique décor.

A wide variety of effects and objects can be created using Polytek® materials, including faux glass objects, faux bronze objects, lightweight foam décor and facades, lightweight architectural elements, still figures, signage, life-like silicone displays, realistic scenery and much more.

Once an original design is created by an artist, a flexible polyurethane or silicone mold or rigid plastic mold can be made of the original. A variety of casting materials can then be cast in the finished mold, including plastics, foams, polyurethane and silicone casting rubbers, plaster, concrete and more.

In some cases, and especially in theming and scenic design, foam carvings are hard-coated with a fire-rated plastic shell to provide a durable outer coating which can be easily painted.

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View popular product options for theming, display and décor applications below:

Video Tutorials

How to Make a Brush-On Mold with Mold Shell [Part II]

Part II of this two-part video demonstrates the creation of a two-part plastic mold shell, removal of the mold shell, and rotational plastic casting of this pumpkin.

How to Make a Brush-On Mold with Mold Shell [Part I]

Part I of this video tutorial demonstrates how to make a brush-on mold using tin-cured silicone rubber (TinSil® 80-30). 


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