Architectural Reproduction & Restoration

architectural restoration moldsArchitectural Reproduction and Restoration specialists use Polytek liquid polyurethane mold rubbers, such as pourable Poly 74-Series rubbers and brushable or sprayable Polygel® rubbers, to make site molds of aging/damaged ornate architectural elements (brackets, panels, cornice moulding, statuary, etc.).

From these molds, reproductions of damaged elements can be cast in the controlled environment of a mold shop. These imperfect castings are resculpted to their original beauty so a production rubber mold can be made from the now-perfect model. This production mold allows repeated casting of the new architectural element in concrete, GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete – lightweight, 3/4″ thick concrete), plaster, fiberglass, or other casting media as required for interior or exterior mounting.

Mold Rubbers & Mold Shell Plastic




Video Tutorial

The following tutorial demonstrates the process of making a brush-on site mold of a plaster column: