Life Casting

lifecastLifecasting involves making a mold of the human form and reproducing it in a variety of artful media including cold cast bronze.  Hydrogel® is a staple for this application since it is an easy to use, one part, body safe powder which when mixed with water, can be used anywhere on the body. Hydrogel molds are designed as single-use molds.

PlatSil® Gel-10 & Gel-25 are contact-safe platinum silicone mold rubbers which can be used to make a mold that can be stored and used over and over. PlatSil Gels can also be used for making silicone prosthetic appliances for theatrical and special effects make-up applications.

Poly Skin-Wax is a simple, one part, flexibilized wax for making molds of hands and feet quickly and inexpensively.

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PlatSil® Gel-25 Face Cast