Model Making

model-makingPolyurethane liquid plastics are used to reproduce models of many different items. These polyurethane plastics are low viscosity, easy to mix and fast curing so many parts can be made in a relatively short period of time. The EasyFlo plastics are very popular for these applications. PolyColor dyes can be used to integrally color the polyurethane plastics to almost any color desired. Painting can be done later as well.

Silicone molds such as the PlatSil and TinSil Series are most often used for casting plastic models due to their excellent chemical resistance to these liquid plastics and their release agent free casting characteristic.

Casting Materials


Mold Rubber Options


Video Tutorial

In this tutorial, we show you how to make an original model out of EasyFlo 60 Liquid Plastic and then make polyurethane molds: