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Tutorials & Videos

Find Polytek® tutorials based on Product Type, Application or Mold Making and Casting Technique.
How to Make a Rubber “Glove” or “Sock” Mold
Glove molds, also referred to as sock molds, are one-piece rubber molds that can be turned back on themselves and peeled off.
How to Make a Rubber Mold of a Corbel
This mold making tutorial features the making of a poured block mold of a plastic corbel. It was one of the projects worked on at our October 2014 Mold Making & Casting Workshop.
Spray-On PlatSil® Gel-25 Mold with Mold Shell
PlatSil® Gel-25 is a platinum-cured silicone rubber that is used for theatrical prosthetics, lifecasting and mold making.
How to Make a Decorative Concrete (GFRC) Panel
This tutorial shows the process of making a decorative glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) panel using various Polytek® mold rubbers and casting materials.
PlatSil Gels for PropMaking
Backfilling PlatSil® Gel-OO Skin with Flexible Foam
If you’re using silicone to create props, it may make more sense to create a silicone skin backfilled with foam instead of a solid silicone part.
Mold Making Tutorial: Silicone Mold of Clay Sculpture
John Cannon of The Whimsical Gardens brought his clay sculpture to our facility to make a mold of the figure and then reproduce it in plastic on a rotational casting machine.
Tek-Tip: Tools & Techniques for Cutting Rubber Molds
Some rubber molds require one or multiple cuts in order to remove the original model and subsequent castings.
Painting with PlatSil Gel-10
Tek-Tip: Painting with PlatSil® Gel-10 & Silicone Pigments
Painting directly onto silicone can be challenging as there are not many paint materials that adhere well to silicone or stay in place when it stretches.
Mold Rubbers for Concrete Countertops
Mold Making Tutorial: Old-Growth Cypress Concrete TableTop
We recently visited SureCrete Design Products, a decorative and specialty concrete manufacturer, at their headquarters in Dade City, FL.
Mold Making: Poured Blanket Mold vs. Poured Block Mold
In this article, we will demonstrate two different mold making methods using the same plastic lion head model [pictured below] and the same silicone mold rubber.