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Find Polytek® tutorials based on Product Type, Application or Mold Making and Casting Technique.
Creating Permanent Masters for Mold Making
This article focuses on how to make hard rubber or plastic copies of original masters
Tek-Tip: How Cold Weather Affects Polytek® Products
With temperatures dropping across the country, we would like to address how cold temperatures affect the following Polytek products:
Tutorial: Silicone Blanket Mold with Foam Mold Shell
This tutorial features the making of a poured blanket mold with foam mold shell.
Tutorial: Brush-On Rubber Mold of Decorative Architectural Element
The following tutorial features the making of a one-piece, brush-on Polygel® 35 polyurethane rubber mold and a two-piece Poly 1512X Liquid Plastic mold shell.
Tutorial: How to Make a Silicone Rubber Candle Mold
The following tutorial details the process of making a silicone rubber mold for casting wax to make candles.
Polygel® Spray-On Mold of 19-Foot Tall Mastodon Sculpture
Kent Ullberg is a highly acclaimed wildlife sculptor whose work spans the globe and can be found in numerous museums, municipalities, corporate offices, and private collections.
Adding Fillers to Polyurethane Casting Resin
There are a few common reasons that fillers are added to polyurethane casting resins.
Customer Project: Decorated Venus Figurine – EasyFlo Liquid Plastic
At the March 2014 Mold Making & Casting Workshop, attendee Ro-Z Esposito (more info. on this artist at the end of the article) brought the plaster Venus figurine. She wanted to make a rubber mold of the figure and then cast plastic copies.
Blending Liquid Rubber & Plastic: Poly-Optic® Series
Poly-Optic 14-Series Casting Resins are two-part, room temperature curing, polyurethane systems that result in water-clear castings.
Plasticine Clay: Multiple Uses in Mold Making
Poly Plasticine is a non-hardening, sulfur-free modeling clay that can be used for many purposes.