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Tutorials & Videos

Find Polytek® tutorials based on Product Type, Application or Mold Making and Casting Technique.
Cold Cast Bronze: Three Casting Methods
There are three methods that we typically recommend for creating cold cast bronze pieces: solid casting, slush casting, and bronze dusting.
Tek-Tip: Top 10 Most Common Rubber Mold Making Fails
We’ve compiled a list detailing the most common reasons that rubber mold making projects go wrong.
Architectural Restoration: Making a Rubber Site Mold to Replace a Damaged Column
This commercial building is being updated for reopening.
Lifecasting with Hydrogel<sup>®</sup> Mold Compound
Body Casting Tutorial: Hydrogel Mold & Cold Cast Bronze Casting
The following tutorial details the steps needed to create a Hydrogel® body mold and a cold cast bronze body casting.
Tek-Tip: Perform Platinum Silicone Test Cures
Out of the entire Polytek® product line-up, platinum-cured silicones (PlatSil® products) are most likely to suffer from cure inhibition during the mold making process.
Tek-Tip: Understanding Physical Property Specifications for Rubbers & Plastics
Our Mold Making & Casting Manual & Catalog is full of technical specifications.
Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Resin Casting [Beer-Filled Mug Replicas]
For St. Patrick’s Day, we used EasyFlo Clear Liquid Plastic to make replicas of beer-filled mugs.
Casting Foam in Polyurethane Rubber Molds
There is a solution that will make your polyurethane rubber mold act like a silicone rubber mold: PolyCoat Semi-Permanent Sealer & Release Agent.
The Wildlife Casting Project
Sarah Madigan is a wildlife rehabilitator, educator, and creator of the Wildlife Casting Project.