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Tutorials & Videos

Find Polytek® tutorials based on Product Type, Application or Mold Making and Casting Technique.
Casting Concrete in Polyurethane vs. Silicone Rubber Molds
Here at Polytek, we often recommend the use of liquid polyurethane rubber to make molds for concrete casting.
How to Prepare a Model When Making a Polyurethane Rubber Mold
A model, also called a “master”, should be prepared according to the model material & mold material.
Looking Back: Hanks & Spielberg Receive Cold-Cast Bronze Statues
Looking back through the archives of Developments, a Polytek® printed newsletter covering a variety of mold making and casting topics, we are reminded of decade-old customer projects that deserve to be revisited.
Tek-Tip: Repairing Torn Rubber Molds
If a tear develops in your polyurethane rubber or silicone rubber mold, one of the following options may help to repair it.
Cold Cast Bronze: Three Casting Methods
There are three methods that we typically recommend for creating cold cast bronze pieces: solid casting, slush casting, and bronze dusting.
Tek-Tip: Top 10 Most Common Rubber Mold Making Fails
We’ve compiled a list detailing the most common reasons that rubber mold making projects go wrong.
Architectural Restoration: Making a Rubber Site Mold to Replace a Damaged Column
This commercial building is being updated for reopening.
Lifecasting with Hydrogel<sup>®</sup> Mold Compound
Body Casting Tutorial: Hydrogel Mold & Cold Cast Bronze Casting
The following tutorial details the steps needed to create a Hydrogel® body mold and a cold cast bronze body casting.
Tek-Tip: Perform Platinum Silicone Test Cures
Out of the entire Polytek® product line-up, platinum-cured silicones (PlatSil® products) are most likely to suffer from cure inhibition during the mold making process.