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Tutorials & Videos

Find Polytek® tutorials based on Product Type, Application or Mold Making and Casting Technique.
Tek-Tip: Understanding Physical Property Specifications for Rubbers & Plastics
Our Mold Making & Casting Manual & Catalog is full of technical specifications.
Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Resin Casting [Beer-Filled Mug Replicas]
For St. Patrick’s Day, we used EasyFlo Clear Liquid Plastic to make replicas of beer-filled mugs.
Casting Foam in Polyurethane Rubber Molds
There is a solution that will make your polyurethane rubber mold act like a silicone rubber mold: PolyCoat Semi-Permanent Sealer & Release Agent.
The Wildlife Casting Project
Sarah Madigan is a wildlife rehabilitator, educator, and creator of the Wildlife Casting Project.
How to Keep Your Mold Making or Casting Workshop Clean
Spills can happen and that cured rubber can quickly accumulate in your workspace.
Making Hershey's Kisses Replicas with EasyFlo 60 Plastic
These Hershey’s Kisses® replicas are made of polyurethane plastic and coated in a metallic silver spray paint.
Tek-Tip: Keep Metal Containers Clean & Reduce Rubber Waste
Pint and quart-sized metal containers are used to package some of our liquid mold rubbers.
Liquid Mold Rubbers for Concrete Site Furnishings & Decor
How to Make a Concrete Sign
For World of Concrete 2014, we made concrete signs featuring the Polytek logo - here's how we did it....
Two Piece Silicone Mold of Small Bust
How to make a two-piece block mold with PlatSil® 73-25 Silicone Rubber.
Liquid Mold Rubbers for Architectural Precast
How to Make a Two-Part Rubber Mold of a Baluster
This visual tutorial shows the process of creating a two-part polyurethane rubber mold of a wooden baluster.