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Tutorials & Videos

Find Polytek® tutorials based on Product Type, Application or Mold Making and Casting Technique.
Faux Finish Bronze: Resin Statuary
Cold cast bronze is a popular casting method used to achieve a cast bronze look.
A Selection Guide: Sealers & Release Agents for Mold Making & Casting
Many mold making and casting projects require the use of an appropriate sealer and/or release agent.
Colored Dyes for Polyurethane Plastic & Polyurethane Rubber
Dyes are available in black, brown, blue, green, red, yellow, and white.
How to Make a One-Piece Silicone Rubber Block Mold
This tutorial shows you how to make a simple, one-piece silicone block mold of a small, decorative object.
Should I Use Polyurethane Mold Rubber or Silicone Mold Rubber?
Each option has advantages and disadvantages and there are a wide variety of options in each of the product lines themselves.
Mold Making: Mold Rubber Hardness
The hardness of rubber can be measured using Durometer Shore Hardness Scales.
Casting Methods: Advantages & Disadvantages
There are several factors that should be considered when selecting a casting material.
How to Make a Rubber Mold for Casting Concrete Tiled Panels
Rubber panel molds made for casting concrete can be created from a variety of natural textures. In this case, Travertine tile was used.