NEW NaturForm Molding Latex Rubbers

Polytek is now manufacturing three new molding latex rubbers. The NaturForm Series offers high-performing, natural molding latex rubbers that are most often used to make molds for casting plaster, concrete (e.g., veneer stone manufacturing and statuary) and limited casting with some resins. 

NaturForm products offer excellent tear strength and elongation properties and are available in 60-64% solid content options and a high solids option (70-74%). NaturForm 60-R has an internal release agent that assists in the release of casting materials, like concrete. 


View all Polytek® Latex Products here or view individual NaturForm Latex options below:

NaturForm 74 Molding Latex Rubber | High Solids (70-74%) Natural Latex

NaturForm 60 Molding Latex Rubber | 60-64% Solids Natural Latex

NaturForm 60-R Molding Latex Rubber | 60-64% Solids Natural Latex with Internal Release

Currently available in 1-gallon, 5-gallon sizes and 55-gallon sizes.