Press Release: Polytek® Development Corp. Announces Acquisition of Alumilite Corporation

EASTON, Pa. and KALAMAZOO, Mich., July 12, 2018 - Polytek® Development Corp., a manufacturer of specialty polymers for mold making and casting applications, announced today the acquisition of Alumilite Corporation. The acquisition was assisted by MPE Partners and will further enhance their investment portfolio.

NEW PRODUCT LINE: PlatSil® FS-Series Silicone Rubbers

The PlatSil® FS-Series (Fast-Setting) is Polytek's newest line of platinum-cured, room temperature curing (RTV) silicone rubbers. FS-Series products can be demolded faster than other PlatSil® silicones and also offer the benefit of having long pour times (~8 minutes) relative to their cure speed (~25 minutes). This allows for fast turn-around of molds and parts with sufficient time to mix and pour.