Concrete Casting: Hardscape Rubber Mold Design
Mold design has a great impact on production efficiency and product quality.
How to Make Wood-Textured Concrete Stools
The following tutorial details the process of making a polyurethane rubber mold of a log that will be used to cast concrete stools.
Tek-Tip: Reduce Bubbles in Clear Casting Resin
Without the proper equipment, it can be difficult to achieve bubble-free castings with clear polyurethane casting resins such as Polytek Poly-Optic® 14-Series resins.
Kiln-Casting with Glass: The Process
Anna Boothe, former faculty member in the Glass Program at Tyler School of Art (Temple University) and current freelance artist, provided us with a behind-the-scenes look at her lead crystal kiln-casting process.
Tek-Tip: Shelf Life & Storage of Polytek® Polyurethane Products
The shelf life of all Polytek® liquid polyurethane products (rubber, plastic, foam) is six months from the date of shipment in unopened containers.