Mold Making: Poured Blanket Mold vs. Poured Block Mold
In this article, we will demonstrate two different mold making methods using the same plastic lion head model [pictured below] and the same silicone mold rubber.
Creating Permanent Masters for Mold Making
This article focuses on how to make hard rubber or plastic copies of original masters
Tek-Tip: How Cold Weather Affects Polytek® Products
With temperatures dropping across the country, we would like to address how cold temperatures affect the following Polytek products:
Tutorial: Silicone Blanket Mold with Foam Mold Shell
This tutorial features the making of a poured blanket mold with foam mold shell.
Tutorial: Brush-On Rubber Mold of Decorative Architectural Element
The following tutorial features the making of a one-piece, brush-on Polygel® 35 polyurethane rubber mold and a two-piece Poly 1512X Liquid Plastic mold shell.
Tutorial: How to Make a Silicone Rubber Candle Mold
The following tutorial details the process of making a silicone rubber mold for casting wax to make candles.
Polygel® Spray-On Mold of 19-Foot Tall Mastodon Sculpture
Kent Ullberg is a highly acclaimed wildlife sculptor whose work spans the globe and can be found in numerous museums, municipalities, corporate offices, and private collections.
Adding Fillers to Polyurethane Casting Resin
There are a few common reasons that fillers are added to polyurethane casting resins.
Customer Project: Decorated Venus Figurine – EasyFlo Liquid Plastic
At the March 2014 Mold Making & Casting Workshop, attendee Ro-Z Esposito (more info. on this artist at the end of the article) brought the plaster Venus figurine. She wanted to make a rubber mold of the figure and then cast plastic copies.
Blending Liquid Rubber & Plastic: Poly-Optic® Series
Poly-Optic 14-Series Casting Resins are two-part, room temperature curing, polyurethane systems that result in water-clear castings.