Alginate Mold Compound

Hydrogel Mold CompoundHydrogel® Mold Compound is an alginate-based white powder that, after mixing with water, cures in 5 minutes to a moist, rubbery material. Use Hydrogel® to make quick, single-use molds, especially when skin contact is required. Hydrogel is ideal when making molds of the face, hands, feet, torso or other external parts of the human body.

Hydrogel® can also be used for taxidermy molds and for mold making applications where a delicate or valuable original cannot be molded in polyurethane or silicone liquid rubbers. 

Plaster, wax, and EasyFlo 60 Liquid Plastic can be cast into Hydrogel molds.

Use Hydrogel® Retarder to extend the working time of Hydrogel®.

Product Features

  • Non-toxic – safe for exterior body contact
  • Easy to use – Add water, mix and apply
  • Good reproduction of fine detail
  • Fast demold time
  • Variable working time with addition of Retarder HG
  • Low cost


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