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Poly GlassRub 50 Liquid Rubber

Poly GlassRub 50 Mold RubberPoly GlassRub 50 is a polyurethane rubber that is designed for making clear (blue-clear) molds that can be cut away from a master with less chance of damage and better seam positioning since objects are visible through the rubber.

In addition, GlassRub is often used to make decorative rubber castings and art, as well as for encapsulating objects for intriguing display applications. With the addition of PolyColor Dyes, GlassRub can be used to create transparent parts of any color. Poly GlassRub can be cast in PlatSil® silicone molds without any release agent and can be cast in polyurethane rubber molds, polyurethane plastic molds and latex molds with the proper release agent (e.g., Pol-Ease® 2300 Release Agent).

NOTE: Cured GlassRub may yellow slightly over time if exposed to UV light sources (e.g., fluorescent bulbs) and can be mixed with PolyColor dyes to mask this effect.