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Surface Coat Epoxy

PolyPoxy 6126 Surface Coat Epoxy - 12.2-lb KitHigh-Performance, Room Temperature & High-Temperature Surface Coat Epoxy

PolyPoxy® Surface Coat Epoxies are thixotropic, room temperature curing (RTV) systems formulated for the fabrication of general purpose or heat-resistant laminated tools, including dies, foundry patterns, core boxes, and router, trim and inspection fixtures. Product options include:

PolyPoxy® 6005 is a white, thixotropic, general-purpose surface coat epoxy designed for quality reproduction of a variety of surfaces. It may be applied with a brush or trowel to a thickness of 1/16” or less on vertical surfaces or over sharp radii without sag or fear of runoff. 

PolyPoxy® 6060  is a blue, abrasion-resistant, surface coat system that can be applied by brush or, if preferred, cast in a section no thicker than 3/8”. When cured, this resin system provides a hard, tough, and chip-resistant surface.

PolyPoxy® 6126 is a gray, aluminum-filled, surface coat epoxy that can be used for high-heat tooling applications up to ~300°F. For continuous service temperatures between 150°F and 300°F, a post cure is required. Common applications include: vacuum form tools, RTM and RIM molds,  and compression and injection molds.

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