Liquid Castable Rubbers

PT Flex Casting Rubbers for Prototyping and Model MakingPolytek offers a variety of castable liquid polyurethane rubbers and plastics for creating flexible rubber parts. Typical applications include rapid prototyping, model making, art and decorative objects, production parts and tools, duplicate masters, decorative molding and millwork (Poly Plasti-Flex) and special effects castings.

PT Flex Series casting rubbers and Poly Plasti-Flex Casting Resin have fast demold times, allowing for rapid reproduction of parts.

PolyColor Dyes can be used with all of the options listed below to create colored castings.



Casting Material Options

PT Flex Series Casting Rubbers Fast-setting, rapid demold polyurethane rubbers developed specifically for prototyping and model making applications. Wide range of Shore hardness options available (A20 – A85) with easy, 1A:1B mix ratios. 5-minute pour times and 1 to 1.5 hour demold times.
Poly Plasti-Flex Casting Resin A fast-setting, slightly flexible polyurethane plastic often used to produce decorative trim molding and millwork, props, special effects castings and impact-resistant items. Can be easily drilled, machined and sanded (contains no silica). Short pour time of 3 minutes and fast demold time of ~15 minutes.
GlassRub 50 Clear Liquid Rubber A pale blue-clear liquid polyurethane rubber that finds use as both a mold rubber and casting rubber since it can make stunning flexible parts and art objects which are clear, colored or filled with dry fillers. Simple 1A:1B mix ratio and Shore A45-A50 hardness.
Other Options For other casting materials, like rigid polyurethane casting plastics, foams, and epoxies, visit our Liquid Casting & Mold Shell Plastics & Foams page.