Liquid Casting & Mold Shell Plastics & Foams

liquid-casting-mold-shell-plastics-foamsPolytek’s wide array of casting materials are useful for pouring castings of many sizes and shapes or for brushing to create mold shells (mother molds), as well as for spraying to hardcoat foam or other substrates.

There are several product options within our three main casting material categories: polyurethane liquid casting plastics, polyurethane foams and epoxy casting plastics.

PolyColor dyes can be used to color most Poly Plastics and fillers such as Poly Fiber II and PolyFil ND can be added to control flow characteristics and shrinkage in larger pours.

Pick a category below to view individual product options. For further assistance in selecting a casting material, visit our “Help Me Select a Casting Material” page.

Casting Material Categories

Polyurethane Liquid Casting Plastics Great for casting a variety of objects and for making mold shells. Almost any color, size, shape, weight and appearance can be achieved with these casting plastics. Opaque, transparent, and water-clear options. Available in very low viscosity, unfilled, fast-casting resins to slower curing products and systems filled with lightweight and heavier-weight fillers. Fire-retardant and other special varieties available. All plastics can be colored with PolyColor Dyes.
Polyurethane Foams Flexible & rigid polyurethane casting foams for making lightweight castings and mold shells.
Epoxy Casting Plastics Epoxy plastics are used for casting high hardness/thin castings, for making vacuum forming tools or as a coating for decoupage applications.
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