Polyurethane Liquid Casting Plastics

polyurethane-liquid-casting-plasticsPolytek polyurethane liquid casting plastics come in several varieties that can be poured, brushed or sprayed to create castings with unlimited versatility.

Almost any color, size, shape, weight and appearance can be achieved by using these systems. Our polyurethane liquid plastics can be poured as supplied or can be thickened to a brushable consistency for making mold shells or hollow/lay-up castings.

Certain Polytek plastics are available for sprayable applications where hardcoating foam or spraying-up large lightweight castings is required.

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Product Options

Pourable & Brushable Polyurethane Plastics & Resins

EasyFlo Series Liquid Plastics Polytek’s easiest-to-use and best selling rigid casting plastic! Super low-viscosity systems designed for pouring, rotocasting & slush-casting. 1A:1B mix ratios by volume, fast demold times (as short as 15 minutes). A clear, light yellow/amber option is available, which is ideal for color casting or filler applications such as cold cast bronze. All options can be colored using PolyColor Dyes. Fire-retardant option also available in this series.
Poly 15-Series Liquid Plastics Poly 15-Series plastics can be used to make thermoplastic-like, stone-like or pewter-looking parts. Certain options in this series can be thickened with Poly Fiber II for making lightweight mold shells or hollow/lay-up castings. Many 1A:1B mix ratio options.
Poly-Optic® 14-Series Casting Resins Water clear, non-yellowing casting resins for specialty applications demanding clear castings. Vacuum or pressure casting is recommended for bubble-free castings.
Poly LiteCast Casting Resin A 1A:1B mix ratio, low-density, wood-like casting resin, which is easily carved, cut, sanded and drilled.
Poly Plasti-Flex Casting Resin A low-density, flexible plastic that can be used to make decorative trim, props or impact resistant parts.


Sprayable Polyurethane Plastics & Hardcoats

EasyFlo Spray FR Liquid Plastic A fast-curing, fire-retardant plastic that can be used for both interior (UL 94 V-0 rated for fire retardancy) as well as exterior projects when painted/sealed. Designed to be sprayed using a low cost, portable Plas-Pak spray gun and cartridges or with higher output equipment for even larger projects
Additional Option Poly 1512X Liquid Plastic can also be sprayed using identical equipment when Poly 74/75 X Accelerator is added to speed its gel and cure time.