Poly-Optic® 1411 & 1411 ES7 Casting Resins

poly-optic-1411-1411-eS7Poly-Optic® 1411 & Poly-Optic® 1411 ES7 are 1A:1B by volume mixes, water-clear, hard, polyurethane casting plastics that are great for making clear parts that look like water or glass. PolyColor Dyes can be added to these resins to produce colored, transparent castings. They can also be filled with a variety of dry fillers to achieve varying looks.

Poly-Optic 1411 ES7 is a very long pour time (~7 hours!) version of Poly-Optic 1411 and is designed for large pours where increased working time and slow gelling/curing is required to minimize part distortion.

Using pre-warmed molds hastens demold time, reduces shrinkage and improves the overall quality of the casting.

NOTES: Vacuum and/or pressure casting techniques are recommended for these products. Cure inhibition can occur when casting this resin in tin-cured silicone rubber molds – use a platinum-cured silicone rubber mold if working with silicones.


Poly-Optic 1411 / Poly-Optic 1411 ES7

Mix Ratio Shore Hardness Pour Time Demold Time* Cured Color Mixed Viscosity Specific Gravity Specific Volume Maximum Exotherm
1A:1B by volume, 100A:90B by weight D80 9 min. (1411), 400 min. (1411 ES7) 30 min. (1/2-inch thick) (1411), 48 hr. (1411 ES7) Water-Clear 600 cP 1.07 27.5 in³/lb 228°F (2-lb mass) (1411), 100°F (2-lb mass) (1411 ES7)
Accessories: Poly-Optic 14 Part X Accelerator, PolyColor Dyes, Poly-Optic 14 Part R Retarder, Poly Purge Aerosol Dry Gas, UV Additive
*Demold time varies with thickness of casting and the amount of Poly-Optic Part X Accelerator added.

Product Literature: Technical Bulletin | Safety Data Sheets | Physical Properties Bulletin | Sealer & Release Agent Selection Guide
Video Tutorials on YouTube: Casting Poly-Optic 1411 in a Platinum-Cured Silicone Mold

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