Brushable Polyurethane Mold Rubbers

brushable-polyurethane-mold-rubbersPolygel® mold rubber is without equal for brush-on blanket molds as they self-thicken to a thixotropic consistency when low viscosity Parts A & B are mixed. This rubber is non-sag and therefore especially useful for applications to vertical or overhead surfaces.

These unique polyurethane liquid mold rubbers, patented by Polytek, are high-performance, room temperature curing systems offering superior flexibility and toughness allowing durable molds to be made from relatively simple to the most highly detailed, undercut and complex models.


  • Self-thickening formula
  • Brushable or sprayable versions
  • Easy one-to-one mix ratio by weight or volume
  • Reproduces fine detail

Typical Uses

  • ornamental precast concrete casting
  • architectural GFRC casting and restoration
  • plaster casting
  • art foundries
  • sculpture and décor reproduction
  • numerous hobby, craft, prop and display mold making and casting projects where brushable molds are required
  • View more applications in the Polygel product photo gallery.


Sprayable Polygel rubbers are ideal for large surface area applications where brushing is impractical.

NOTE ON FOUNDRY WAXES: Certain foundry waxes can cause excessive oiling in Polygel rubbers; this is the case when liquid Polygel is applied to the foundry wax and when the foundry wax is poured into cured Polygel molds. Perform a small test cure to ensure compatibility.


Product Options

Brushable Polyurethane Mold Rubbers*

Polygel® 35 Polygel 35 is a Shore A35, 1A:1B mix, self-thickening polyurethane liquid mold rubber designed for making thin, stretchy brushed molds. 8-10 minute working time.
Recommended Mold Shell Materials  Poly 1512X Liquid Plastic with PolyFiber II.
*All rubbers listed under “Pourable Polyurethane Mold Rubbers” can be made “brushable” with the addition of a thickening agent, such as PolyFiber II.


Video Tutorials

Watch how to make a brush-on mold with Polygel® 35 and mold shell (Poly 1512X liquid plastic):

Other Polyurethane Rubber Brush-On Mold Tutorials on the Polytek YouTube Channel: