Poly 75-80 Liquid Rubber

poly-75-80Poly 75-80 is a 2A:1B mix liquid polyurethane mold rubber that has a long, 45-minute pour time. This firm rubber is primarily used to make form liners and mats/tools for casting, texturing and stamping concrete.

This rubber has high abrasion resistance and long mold life for high volume casting operations. Used for making decorative concrete countertops, precast architectural panels, sound barriers, fences, pavers, slabs, patio stones, retaining wall blocks and for virtually all other types of cast stone applications.

Poly 75-Series rubber are not UV-resistant; however, if occasional outdoor use is necessary, Poly 75-80 (along with Poly 75-59 & Poly 75-65) perform best and UV resistance can be improved by adding UV additive.


Mix Ratio Shore Hardness Pour Time Cured Color Mixed Viscosity Specific Volume Demold Time
2A:1B A80 45 min. Yellow 5,000 cP 26 in³/lb ~16 hr.
Accessories: 74/75 Part C Softener, 74/75 Part X Accelerator, PolyFiber II Thickening Agent, UV Additive, Tietex® Fabric, Poly Purge Aerosol Dry Gas


Product Literature: Technical Bulletin | Safety Data Sheets | Physical Properties Bulletin | Sealers & Release Agents Selection Guide

Video Tutorials: For 75-Series video tutorials, visit the 75-Series page or the Polytek YouTube Channel.


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