Poly 81-Series Liquid Rubbers

poly-81-seriesThese polyurethane liquid rubbers are firm (A90) to very firm (D45) hardness, high-performance, room temperature curing systems offering superior strength and abrasion-resistance. With no shrinkage upon cure, these rubbers capture and reproduce any texture and finest detail and exactly reproduce any model.


  • Shore A90 and D45 hardness liquid rubbers
  • Firm, high-strength, abrasion-resistant systems
  • Low-viscosity, pourable rubbers
  • Reproduces finest detail
  • Long-lasting, economical
  • Rubbers can be demolded after ~16 hours


Typical Uses

  • stamping tools
  • industrial parts
  • rollers
  • gaskets
  • mold shells
  • bumpers
  • pads
  • numerous general mold making & casting projects with casting materials including plaster, wax and resins
  • View more applications in the 81-Series Product Photo Gallery (gallery also includes 75-Series & 77-Series rubbers).


Product Options

Product Mix Ratio Shore Hardness Pour Time Cured Color
Poly 81-90 100A:40B A90 23 min. Yellow
Poly 81-D45 100A:20B D45 19 min. Varies
Softener Add Poly 74/75 Part C Softener to 74-Series products for a lower-viscosity mix and a softer rubber.
Thickeners Use PolyFiber II or Fumed Silica to thicken the liquid mix for application by brush or trowel.
UV Stabilizer Use UV additive to help reduce the characteristic surface degradation caused by sunlight.
Reinforcement Materials for Blanket Molds Use Tietex® Fabric to reinforce blanket molds.
Product Life Extender Use Poly Purge Aerosol Dry Gas to extend product life by spraying it into containers before resealing.


Product Literature

81-Series Technical Bulletin | 81-Series Physical Properties Bulletin