PlatSil® SiliFoam Silicone Foam

PlatSil® SiliFoam is a 1A:1B by volume, platinum-cured silicone system. After mixing Part A and Part B, Silifoam has a one-minute working time and then cures to a flexible foam with a free-rise density of 15 lb/ft3 in 30 minutes.

SiliFoam can be used for many applications, but is often used in conjunction with PlatSil Gel Silicone Rubber to create prosthetic appliances. The weight of large prosthetic appliances can be reduced by back-filling surface layers of PlatSil Gel-OO or Gel-10 with low-density SiliFoam.


Mix Ratio (by volume) Pour Time Rise Time Demold Time Color Mixed Viscosity Free-Rise Density
1A:1B 30-45 sec. 4 min. 30 min. Milky White 7,500 cP 15 lb/ft³
Accessories: Silicone Fluid 50cs, SiliColor Silicone Pigments


Product Literature: Technical Bulletin | Physical Properties Bulletin | Safety Data SheetsSealer & Release Agent Selection Guide


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