PlatSil® Gels

platsil-gelsPolytek’s PlatSil® Gel product line consists of three 1A:1B platinum silicone rubbers with  5-6 minute working times that cure in 30 minutes to one hour to a Shore A10 hardness (PlatSil Gel-10), softer Shore OO hardness of 30 (PlatSil Gel-OO), or a Shore A25 (PlatSil Gel-25). Use PlatSil Gels to create prosthetic appliances, skins for lifecasting, as well as for general silicone mold making.

An array of accessory products can be used independently or in concert to increase working time, accelerate cure time, thicken the mix for brushing/layering, increase Shore hardness, thin the mix for easier pouring, or “deaden” the rubber to soften and eliminate the snappy, synthetic look and feel of ordinary silicone rubbers. Deadened PlatSil Gels can be made to look, feel and move like all types of living tissue. Unlike silicone fluid, Smith’s Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener and PlatSil Deadener LV (Low-Viscosity) do not leach from the cured rubber/appliance, so bonding and use are far simpler.

All PlatSil Gels share all the same array of accessory additives (including Deadeners) making it easy to use any option. In fact, PlatSil Gels can be combined in any ratio (keeping their individual A’s and B’s 1:1) to make any hardness silicone gel between a Shore A~25 and an OO~30.


  • Shore A10, Shore OO30, or Shore A25, translucent silicone rubber
  • Mix Gel-10 and Gel-OO together for variable hardness
  • Low-viscosity mixes
  • Add “Deadener” to create ultra-realistic prosthetic appliances
  • Appliances are self-sticking, reuseable
  • Fast 30-minute and 1-hour cure
  • Color with Silicone Color pigments
  • Thicken for layering/brushing
  • Speed or slow cure with additives


Product Options

Product Mix Ratio Shore Hardness Pour Time  Demold Time  Cured Color
PlatSil® Gel-OO 1A:1B OO30 6 min. 30 min. Milky White
PlatSil® Gel-10 1A:1B A10 6 min. 30 min. Milky White
PlatSil® Gel-25 1A:1B A25 5 min. 60 min. Milky White
Deadener/Softener Add Smith’s Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener or PlatSil Deadener LV (Low-Viscosity) to soften, or “deaden”, the rubber to eliminate the snappy, synthetic look and feel of ordinary silicone rubbers. Deadened PlatSil Gels can be made to look, feel and move like all types of living tissue.
Hardener Add PlatSil Part H Hardener to increase the Shore hardness for any PlatSil Gel. It also increases working and demold time.
Pigments Use Silicone Color Pigments to create custom colors in silicone rubber. Available in fleshtone, red, blue, green, yellow, black and white.
Thickener Add PlatThix liquid thickener to PlatSil Gels to thicken the mix to a light-bodied, non-sag gel.
Retarder Add PlatSil® 71/73 Part R Retarder to slow the cure of PlatSil products.
Accelerator Add PlatSil® 71/73 Part X Accelerator to accelerate the cure of PlatSil products.
Thinning Agent/Softener Add Silicone Fluid 50 cSt to the mixed rubber to thin the mix. More than 10% fluid addition may exude from the cured rubber. To soften without oil leaching, use Smith’s Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener.


Photo Gallery & Product Literature

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Video Tutorials

Lifecasting Tutorial: PlatSil Gel-25 Face Cast:

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