PlatSil® Gel-25

PlatSil_Gel25_SiliconePlatSil® Gel-25 is a Shore A25 hardness, 1A:1B mix ratio, liquid platinum silicone rubber with a five-minute pour time and a one-hour demold time. Use PlatSil Gel-25 as a mold rubber, to create prosthetic appliances and for life casting. PlatSil Gels are widely used for specials effects in television, theatre and film.

PlatSil Gel-25 has a lower mixed viscosity than other PlatSil Gels and is very versatile when used in conjunction with PlatSil accessories.

“Deaden” the rubber to soften and eliminate the snappy, synthetic look and feel of ordinary silicone rubbers. Deadened PlatSil Gel-25 can be made to look, feel and move like all types of living tissue. Unlike silicone fluid, Smith’s Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener & PlatSil Deadener LV do not leach from the cured rubber/appliance so bonding and use are far easier. Use PlatSil Part H Hardener to increase the Shore hardness. Using these two accessories, PlatSil Gel-25 can be made as soft as Shore OOO30 and as hard as Shore A40.

Accessories are also available to increase working time; accelerate cure time; thicken the mix for brushing/layering; thin the mix for easier pouring or for softening. Appliances can be pigmented fleshtone or any other color with Silicone Color Pigments and can be made self-sticking and reusable. Endless possibilities. Other PlatSil Gel options are PlatSil Gel-10 or PlatSil Gel-OO.


Mix Ratio Shore Hardness Pour Time Cured Color Mixed Viscosity Specific Volume Demold Time
1A:1B A25 5 min. Milky White 3,500 cP 25 in³/lb 1 hr.
Accessories: Smith’s Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener, PlatSil Deadener LV, PlatSil Part H HardenerSilicone Color Pigments, PlatThix Liquid Thickener, PlatSil® 71/73 Part R Retarder, Silicone Fluid 50cs, PlatSil® 71/73 Part X Accelerator


Product Literature: Technical Bulletin | Safety Data Sheets | Physical Properties Bulletin | Sealer & Release Agent Selection Guide

Video Tutorials: For PlatSil Gel video tutorials, visit the PlatSil Gel page or the Polytek YouTube Channel.


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