TinSil® 70-25 Silicone Rubber

tinsil-70-25TinSil® 70-25 is a mid-range hardness, 1A:10B mix, tin silicone rubber.

Molds made from this rubber are great for casting polyurethane, epoxy, and polyester resin, as well as foam, wax, plaster, and soap, among other casting materials. TinSil 70-25 molds exhibit excellent release properties and release agent is not typically needed for most applications.

This rubber can be poured as supplied or thickened with TinThix liquid thickener for brush-on applications. For a self-thickening TinSil rubber with the same Shore hardness (A25), consider TinSil Brush/Spray 25.

Only available in a 44-lb kit.


Mix Ratio Shore Hardness Pour Time Cured Color Mixed Viscosity Specific Volume Demold Time
1A:10B A25 60 min. Blue 14,000 cP 25.3 in³/lb 16 hr.
Accessories: TinThix Liquid ThickenerSilicone Fluid 50csTinSil FastCat Accelerator


Product Literature: Technical Bulletin | Safety Data Sheets | Physical Properties Bulletin | Sealer & Release Agent Selection Guide

Video Tutorials on YouTube: How to Make a Poured TinSil 70-25 Blanket Mold


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