TinSil® 70-60 Silicone Rubber

TinSil® 70-60 is a high hardness, 5A:100B mix, tin silicone liquid rubber that is designed to make molds for casting low melting (~600°F) metals (e.g., pewter, pewter blends, limited leads). No release agent needed for most applications.

TinSil 70-60 has limited tear strength because of its hardness.


Mix Ratio Shore Hardness Pour Time Cured Color Mixed Viscosity Specific Volume Demold Time
5A:100B A60 30 min. Red 17,000 cP 18.0 in³/lb 24 hr.
Accessories: TinThix Liquid ThickenerSilicone Fluid 50csTinSil FastCat Accelerator


Product Literature: Technical Bulletin | Safety Data Sheets | Physical Properties Bulletin | Sealer & Release Agent Selection Guide

Video Tutorials: For TinSil 70-Series video tutorials, visit the TinSil 70-Series page or the Polytek YouTube Channel.


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