TinSil® 80-Series Silicone Rubber

tinsil-80-seriesThe TinSil® 80-Series is a line of tin-cured silicone mold rubbers that are designed to offer reduced shrinkage upon cure and during casting, longer storage/library life once cured and longer useable mold life than other tin-cured systems. The highest performance materials and processes have been used to develop this next-generation tin silicone for the most demanding casting applications.


  • Shore A15, A30 & A40 hardness liquid mold rubbers
  • Slightly longer library life compared to 70-Series tin silicones
  • High-strength
  • Release agent not necessary for most casting materials
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Reproduces finest detail
  • Can be accelerated for rapid cure
  • Ideal for the most demanding resin casting application
  • These rubbers can be poured as supplied or thickened with TinThix liquid thickener for brush-on molds.

Typical Uses


NOTE: TinSil molds can inhibit the following casting materials: polyurethane rubbers and Poly-Optic 14-Series Casting Resins. This is especially the case in new tin-cured molds. Do not cast platinum-cured silicone in TinSil molds; they will not cure properly. Consider a platinum silicone rubber when using these casting materials.


Product Options

Product Mix Ratio by Weight Shore Hardness Pour Time  Demold Time  Cured Color
TinSil® 80-15 1A:10B A15 30 min. 24 hr. Peach
TinSil® 80-30 1A:10B A30 45 min. 24 hr. Peach
TinSil® 80-40 1A:10B A40 45 min. 24 hr. Peach
Softener Add Silicone Fluid 50cs to TinSil products for a lower-viscosity mix and a softer rubber.
Thickener Add TinThix liquid thickener to thicken the liquid mix for application by brush or trowel.
Accelerator Use TinSil FastCat in place of any TinSil Part A in order to accelerate cure and shorten demold time.


Product Literature

TinSil® 80-Series Technical Bulletin | TinSil® 80-Series Physical Properties Bulletin


Video Tutorials

This video [Part I] features the making of a TinSil 80-30 brush-on mold (with mold shell):


This video [Part II] features the making of a TinSil 80-30 brush-on mold (with mold shell):


For additional video tutorials, visit the Polytek YouTube Channelyou-tube