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PlasPak Spray Gun & Regulator Kits

PlasPak Spray Gun & Regulator Kits


The PlasPak Spray Guns are available in 1A:1B and 1A:10B mix ratio options. These portable spray-gun and regulator kits are designed to spray 1A:1B or 1A:10B rubbers and plastics. The spray gun accepts disposable (can sometimes reuse a few times) cartridges and disposable static mixers, which are sold separately. The gun connects to a pressure regulator, which connects to house air (not to exceed 145 psi). No additional utilities required.

This unit is ideal for small to moderate spray jobs. For larger spray jobs, contact Polytek® customer service for details regarding higher output, less-portable spray systems.


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PlasPak 1A:1B Spray Gun

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