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Pol-Ease® 2601 Release Agent

Pol-Ease® 2601 Release Agent


Pol-Ease® 2601 Release Agent is a water-based silicone emulsion that can be brushed or sprayed into a polyurethane mold before casting concrete or plaster. It works best when allowed to dry; therefore, a thin application is preferred to accelerate this process. For a similar release agent that does not require drying time, consider Pol-Ease® 2650 Release Agent.

NOTES: As with other releases containing silicone, castings may need to be washed before applying finishes. Because this release agent is water-based, it does not affect the dimensions of cured rubber molds as much as releases that contain solvents. This water-based release agent will freeze in cold temperatures and become unusable. Always store and use at room temperature. Shake or stir before use.


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2-lb Unit of Pol-Ease® 2601 Release Agent (~1 quart)

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