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Pol-Ease® 2750 Latex Release Agent

Pol-Ease® 2750 Latex Release Agent


Pol-Ease® 2750 Latex Release Agent is designed specifically for use when casting concrete into latex rubber molds and will result in easier demolding of concrete parts and improved mold life. This formulation performs well with NaturForm Molding Latex Rubbers and does not chemically degrade the molds. This release agent should only be applied to latex molds - do not use on other Polytek® mold materials, including polyurethane and silicone rubbers. 

Brush or spray a thin, uniform coat of release agent on the mold surface. Be careful not to flood or puddle the release on the surface. For best results, brush the released surface with a soft dry brush to pick up excess and ensure uniform coverage. No drying time necessary prior to casting. If there is any doubt about surface preparation, perform a test cure on a similar surface.

This release agent will freeze in cold temperatures and become unusable. Always store and use at room temperature.


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2-lb Unit of Pol-Ease® 2750 Latex Release Agent (~1 quart)

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