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Poly Latex N (Sprayable)

Poly Latex N (Sprayable)


ATTENTION: Poly Latex N has been discontinued. Please refer to the NaturForm Latex Molding Rubber Series for all latex rubber options. 


Add Poly Latex N to Poly Latex 60 for spray application. Example: When using a cup gun, mix 1 part Poly Latex 60 with 1 part Poly Latex N. 

NOTES: Exposure to temperatures <40°F and >80°F may damage latex, causing irreversible coagulation. DO NOT ALLOW TO FREEZE. Always store and use at room temperature.

SHIPPING: Latex cannot be shipped in temperatures near or below 32°F. Expedited Shipping Service is available at an additional cost, but cannot be purchased online. Please call Polytek Customer Service (1-800-858-5990) for more information.

8-lb Unit of Poly Latex N - Sprayable (~1 gallon)

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