• Concrete Casting

    Casting, forming and texturing concrete requires liquid mold rubbers. Polytek rubbers are used for every concrete casting application.

  • Sculpture Reproduction

    Figurines and sculptures of all shapes and sizes are reproduced in Polytek rubbers and plastics. Cold cast bronze and lost wax casting are but a few.

  • Models/ Displays/ Decor

    Any decorative part can be molded and cast in a variety of materials to simulate wood, stone, glass, thermoplastics and more.

  • Props & Special Effects

    Polytek PlatSil Gels are used by world reknown artists to create stunning creatures and effects. Polytek plastics and foams make props of every size and shape imaginable.

  • LifeCasting

    Platinum silicones rubbers such as PlatSil Gel-10 and alginate are used for molding and casting the human form to create stunning cold cast bronzes and more.

  • Rapid Prototyping & Tooling

    Silicone rubber molds are used to cast polyurethane rubber and plastic parts for rapid duplication of various CAD models.

  • Candles/ Soaps/ Hobbies & Crafts

    Polyurethane and silicone rubber molds are used routinely to cast candles and soaps as well as countless hobby and craft items.

  • Foam/ Plaster/ Flexible Millwork & Ornamentation

    Polyurethane & silicone rubber molds are used to cast decorative millwork reproductions out of foam, plaster & flexible resins.