Polytek manufactures a versatile line of liquid mold rubbers, liquid casting plastics/resins/foams and other specialty molding and casting materials. These products are used for a wide variety of applications, including concrete casting, sculpture reproduction, architectural restoration, special effects, candle and soap making, prototyping and much more.


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Product Categories

Liquid Mold Rubbers Liquid polyurethane, silicone and latex mold rubbers. These versatile systems are suitable for a wide variety of applications.
Liquid Casting & Mold Shell Plastics & Foams Liquid polyurethane plastics (opaque & transparent), polyurethane foams, and epoxy plastics.
Liquid Castable Rubbers Fast-curing castable polyurethane rubbers available in varying hardness.
Specialty Molding & Casting Materials Use skin-safe alginate mold compound (Hydrogel®) for life-casting. Use Poly Skin-Wax for making molds of hands and feet and PolyWax 15 for casting models that can be carved and easily tooled then reused if needed.
Release Agents & Sealing Agents Permanent, semi-permanent, and removable options for mold making & casting applications.
Adhesives Epoxy & polyurethane adhesives. Options for adhering models to baseboards, repairing damaged models or castings, repairing torn molds, and more.
Accessories A wide variety of product accessories, additives, and tools.