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Concrete Casting: Cast Stone Veneer

Mold Rubbers for Veneer Stone ProductionPolytek® liquid mold rubbers are the mold material of choice for high-volume veneer stone production (manual or automated manufacturing). These two-component mold rubbers capture excellent surface detail, offer exceptional dimensional stability and have unmatched lifetime and durability compared to hot melt and polypropylene systems. 

Molds made from these room temperature curing systems can be completed in a much shorter timeframe (~16 hour demold) compared to latex rubber molds. When properly maintained, these molds can last for years and produce thousands of stones.  

Popular product options are listed below:

Video Tutorials

Embedded thumbnail for Making a Poly 74-20 Veneer Stone Mold for Casting Concrete
Making a Poly 74-20 Veneer Stone Mold for Casting Concrete

In this video, we demonstrate making a block mold with Poly 74-20 polyurethane rubber that can be used to reproduce decorative concrete veneer stones.

How-To Articles & Customer Projects

Creating Permanent Masters for Mold Making
This article focuses on how to make hard rubber or plastic copies of original masters