Plaster Ornamentation & Millwork

Plaster Ornamentation from a Silicone MoldPlaster is an age-old casting media used today for casting statuary, home decor items (e.g., lamps, wall plaques) as well as ornamental moldings and decorative millwork.

Polytek® manufactures two-component, room temperature curing polyurethane and silicone mold materials that are used widely in the plaster casting industry to create highly detailed plaster parts.

Plaster can be cast repeatedly into either polyurethane or silicone molds without release agents. The primary differences between polyurethanes and silicones are the cost (silicones are more expensive than polyurethane) and the range of hardness available within the product lines. For highly detailed and delicate castings, silicone rubbers may be necessary as they are available in softer and more flexible options compared to polyurethanes. 

TIP: To reduce surface air bubbles on plaster castings made in Polytek® rubber molds, consider using Pol-Ease® Mold Rinse. Dip or spray the mold with one part Pol-Ease® Mold Rinse diluted with ten parts water. Molds should be wet when plaster is poured. 

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Video Tutorials

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Architectural Restoration: Making a Rubber Mold of a Plaster Column

This video tutorial features the making of a brush-on rubber site mold.