Fast-Setting Resins and Silicone Rubbers for PrototypingPrototyping is a method used to create models or functional parts from design to completion. Once an original model is sculpted, built or created via stereolithography, 3D printing or other three-dimensional mastering process, the model can then be replicated by making a flexible rubber mold and then casting rigid or flexible parts. These castings are often part of the prototyping process, but also serve as the final product in some cases. 

Platinum-cured (PlatSil®) and tin-cured (TinSil®) silicone rubbers are popular mold options for prototyping as they offer great flexibility, chemical resistance and release properties. Polyurethane rubbers are a less expensive option for mold making, but do not have the same releasing properties as silicone. 

Polytek® offers a variety of casting materials to choose from, including polyurethane plastic, polyurethane and silicone foam, and polyurethane and silicone casting rubber options.

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