Sculpture, Foundry & Figurines

EasyFlo Series Casting PlasticsLiquid mold rubbers and casting plastics are used extensively in the reproduction of figurative sculpture. Original pieces are most often sculpted/carved from clay, wax or wood and a rubber mold is poured, brushed or sprayed onto this original to capture all detail and to allow flexible demolding from undercuts and negative draft. 

A variety of casting materials can be poured directly into these rubber molds, including wax, plastics, plaster and concrete. Casting plastics can be a very versatile medium for the reproduction of sculpture as they readily accept fillers (e.g., bronze powder for cold cast bronze) and dyes that help to produce unique looks. Depending on the mold material selected, a release agent may or may not be required for the casting process. 

For foundry applications, this rubber mold is one step in the lost wax process that ultimately creates a mold capable of accepting the heat of molten metals and alloys (e.g., bronze).

Review popular mold making and casting materials below:

How-To Articles & Customer Projects

Kiln-Casting with Glass: The Process
Anna Boothe, former faculty member in the Glass Program at Tyler School of Art (Temple University) and current freelance artist, provided us with a behind-the-scenes look at her lead crystal kiln-casting process.
How to Make a Rubber “Glove” or “Sock” Mold
Glove molds, also referred to as sock molds, are one-piece rubber molds that can be turned back on themselves and peeled off.
Mold Making Tutorial: Silicone Mold of Clay Sculpture
John Cannon of The Whimsical Gardens brought his clay sculpture to our facility to make a mold of the figure and then reproduce it in plastic on a rotational casting machine.
Polygel® Spray-On Mold of 19-Foot Tall Mastodon Sculpture
Kent Ullberg is a highly acclaimed wildlife sculptor whose work spans the globe and can be found in numerous museums, municipalities, corporate offices, and private collections.
Customer Project: Decorated Venus Figurine – EasyFlo Liquid Plastic
At the March 2014 Mold Making & Casting Workshop, attendee Ro-Z Esposito (more info. on this artist at the end of the article) brought the plaster Venus figurine. She wanted to make a rubber mold of the figure and then cast plastic copies.
Customer Project: Indianapolis Fabrications Assists Sopheap Pich – “A Room” Installation
Polytek was commissioned to assist Sopheap Pich with the “A Room” installation at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA).
Looking Back: Hanks & Spielberg Receive Cold-Cast Bronze Statues
Looking back through the archives of Developments, a Polytek® printed newsletter covering a variety of mold making and casting topics, we are reminded of decade-old customer projects that deserve to be revisited.
Cold Cast Bronze: Three Casting Methods
There are three methods that we typically recommend for creating cold cast bronze pieces: solid casting, slush casting, and bronze dusting.
Two Piece Silicone Mold of Small Bust
How to make a two-piece block mold with PlatSil® 73-25 Silicone Rubber.
Faux Finish Bronze: Resin Statuary
Cold cast bronze is a popular casting method used to achieve a cast bronze look.