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Rubber Molds for Casting Slate-Textured Concrete Coasters

For the 2014 World of Concrete Expo, we are giving away rubber molds to expo attendees so they can cast their own concrete coasters.


This video details how the Poly 74-20 polyurethane molds were produced, from start to finish. 


The Steps:

1. Make Plastic Copy of Slate Texture & Shape Coaster 0:27

2. Customize Coaster (Optional) 2:23

3. Make Rubber Mold of Plastic Coaster 2:49

4. Make Plastic Gang Mold 5:23

5. Make Final Rubber Molds 7:17

6. Cast Concrete 7:59


Products Used: 

• EasyFlo Casting Plastic for Step 1 and Step 4

• PT Flex 20 Polyurethane Rubber for Step 3

• Poly 74-20 Polyurethane Rubber for Step 5 

• SureCrete Xtreme Concrete Mix for Step 6