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EasyFlo Series Liquid Casting Plastics

EasyFlo 120 Liquid PlasticFast-Setting, Low-Viscosity Polyurethane Plastics

EasyFlo Series products are easy-to-use, mercury-free polyurethane resins with simple, 1A:1B mix ratios by volume. These super low-viscosity liquids make for perfect detail penetration and bubble-free castings without the need for vacuum or pressure techniques. Rapid demold times make EasyFlo products ideal for high-volume, fast-cast applications.

This series includes options that can be poured, rotocast and sprayed.

EasyFlo plastics are the fastest setting and lowest viscosity resins in Polytek®’s polyurethane resin line-up, are very versatile and work well for countless commercial, industrial, hobby, craft, prop and display projects.

EasyFlo plastics can be cast in PlatSil® and TinSil® silicone molds without any release agent and can be cast in polyurethane rubber molds and latex molds with the proper release agent (e.g., Pol-Ease® 2300 Release Agent).

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