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Epoxy Casting Plastic

Epoxy Casting PlasticsPolyPoxy® and PolyCure liquid epoxy plastics are excellent for casting small decorative objects, prototypes, duplicate masters, and for decoupage coating and glass bonding.

PolyPoxy resins can be cured with various PolyCure hardeners allowing users to select the best system for a particular use; PolyPoxy and PolyCure combination recommendations are listed below under "Product Options". The mix ratio for each curing agent and resin blend varies; mix ratios and physical properties for each PolyPoxy and PolyCure combination are listed below under "Product Specifications". 

Epoxy plastics can be cast in PlatSil® and TinSil® silicone molds without any release agent. A suitable release agent (e.g., Pol-Ease® 2300 Release Agent) must be used to cast epoxy in polyurethane and latex rubber molds. 

Product Line Features

  • Not moisture sensitive like polyurethane resins
  • Accepts fillers easily (e.g., bronze powder)
  • High hardness 
  • Temperature resistant
  • Pour or layup