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Epoxy Clay

High-Performance Epoxy Clay PolyPoxy 5700 Epoxy Clay - 5-lb Kit

PolyPoxy® Epoxy Clays are two-component, room temperature curing (RTV) systems. When mixed together, these components form a soft, dough-like consistency that ultimately cures to a hard solid with excellent toughness and dimensional stability. The gray Resin and a colored Hardener of PolyPoxy® epoxy clays provide visual assistance to help obtain thorough mixing. Cured epoxy clay can be machined or carved with common wood working tools. 

PolyPoxy® 5403 & 5700 Epoxy Clays offer a convenient, accurate, and time-efficient method of duplicating shapes. Engineering changes in plastic duplications can often be made more easily with epoxy clay compared to laminated shapes because of the tendency of laminated shapes to distort when cut. 

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