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Silicone Rubber - Platinum Cure

Use PlatSil® Liquid Silicone Rubbers to make your own silicone molds and silicone parts.

PlatSil® rubbers are platinum-cured (also known as addition-cure), room temperature-curing silicones (RTV) that are used to make flexible, high-strength molds and parts. PlatSil® molds are often selected over other mold materials (e.g., polyurethane rubbers) because of their excellent release properties. They also exhibit long library life and low shrinkage on cure compared to other mold material options.

PlatSil® molds are excellent for casting polyurethane, epoxy and polyester resin, polyurethane foam, wax, plaster, soap, concrete, and more. Release agent is generally not needed to cast any of these materials.

These rubbers are commonly used in Sculpture & Foundry, PrototypingArchitectural Reproduction & RestorationFoam, Plastic Plaster Millwork & OrnamentationTheming & DisplayCandle Making, Craft & Hobby projects, and some Concrete Casting applications.

Looking for skin-safe PlatSil® Gel Silicones? Visit the PlatSil® Gel page.

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Video Tutorials

Embedded thumbnail for Casting a Concrete Countertop in a Silicone Mold
Casting a Concrete Countertop in a Silicone Mold

How to make a PlatSil® 73-40 mold of a countertop and cast concrete. 

Embedded thumbnail for How to Make Silicone Molds for Casting Wax Candles
How to Make Silicone Molds for Casting Wax Candles

This video tutorial details the process of making three molds using PlatSil® 73-25, a platinum silicone mold rubber.