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Poly 15-Series Liquid Casting Plastics

Poly 15-Series Liquid PlastisPoly 15-Series plastics are versatile, two-part polyurethane systems used in countless commercial, industrial, tooling, prototyping, craft, prop and master making applications.

Some of these pourable, room-temperature curing resins mimic the density of thermoplastics (e.g., ABS) or wood. Others are great options for constructing lightweight mold shells, composites, or master models.

Using Poly 15-Series casting resins offer a cost savings up front compared to the expensive tooling costs associated with metal molds required for injection-molded thermoplastic parts. 

These plastics can be colored with PolyColor Dyes, mixed with metal powders (e.g., bronze powder) and they can be filled with a variety of inexpensive fillers to conserve cost and reduce shrinkage in large masses.

Poly 15-Series plastics can be cast in PlatSil® and TinSil® silicone molds without any release agent and can be cast in polyurethane rubber molds and latex molds with the proper release agent (e.g., Pol-Ease® 2300 Release Agent).

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