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Polygel® Series Liquid Polyurethane Rubbers

Polygel<sup>®</sup> Sprayable RubberBrushable & Sprayable Urethane Rubbers

Polygel® Series liquid urethane rubbers are designed to make brush-on and spray-on blanket molds as they self-thicken to a thixotropic consistency when low viscosity Parts A & B are mixed together. These room-temperature curing rubbers are non-sag and therefore especially useful for application on vertical or overhead surfaces.

The brush-on Polygel® option is more suitable for smaller-scale projects while sprayable Polygel® options are more often used for larger-scale projects (e.g., monumental sculpture reproduction).

Common applications include Sculpture & Foundry, Concrete Casting, Architectural Reproduction & Restoration, Millwork & Ornamentation, and Theming & Display.

NOTE ON FOUNDRY WAXES: Certain foundry waxes can cause excessive oiling in Polygel® rubbers; this is the case when liquid Polygel® is applied to the foundry wax and when the foundry wax is poured into cured Polygel® molds. Perform a small test cure to ensure compatibility.